Late last year we were very proud and lucky enough to have had the opportunity to film and compile a series of 28 x lecture videos for the Society for Psychical Research's 40th International Annual Conference at the University of Leeds, whilst there with my invaluable 2nd camera op & photographer, Jude, we got to know and chat with a number of the academics and speakers in attendance, all of whom gave deeply fascinating talks from 'both sides of the fence' in respect of their outstanding ongoing and historical research conducted into various paranormal phenomena... one of those speakers was Dr Terence Palmer (Therapist, Hypnotist, Lecturer & Author) who we got acquainted with, just after a long day's filming, over an after-dinner talk, I am seriously glad we did too, as is Jude.
Not only have we had the pleasure of meeting a true gent with an inspiring life story and a depth of knowledge and insight that are second to none in a world that is rarely acknowledged, much less visited by many, but also the fact that his cause is pure and simple yet faces him with a serious up-hill-struggle...his goal is to inform the masses that there is an alternative, almost unique therapy that the masses need to know about.

Last month Terry invited us ( to come along to one of his sessions, there we witnessed (and I am very glad to say captured on camera) a client whom had been suffering from hearing 2-3 derogatory voices every minute of every day & night for the past 23yrs and driven almost to the point of no return...
Sectioned under the mental health act and forcably prescribed numerous anti-psychotic chemical 'treatments' the ex-soldier (I may name later if he agrees to it), also suffering from PTSD was willing to allow his session with Dr T. Palmer & Andy Porter (Spiritual Medium) to be filmed, as this was, in his own words, his final attempt to free himself of the nightmare that would not stop... approximately 17mins 46 secs under hypnosis and a second session of approx 25mins thirty mind-blowing minutes later we were alI seriously pleased to see that he was, for the 1st time in 23yrs completely free of the voices that had harrassed him for so long, cautiously he counted the seconds and minutes that went by without any of the usual intrusions until finally leaving the building a few hours later with a mixed bag of emotions and in a state of near shock and dismay... there's so much to say here but basically the guy's a legend, seriously proud to have met him, unbelievably pleased & relieved for him (and his family) and thank him deeply for allowing us to go up to interview him at his home some weeks later too and yes! I am pleased to inform that he is still 'voice free'.

...need I say more? ...eitherway I will because...all I know is this... it worked.

No matter which 'side of the fence' you are on, no matter what your personal belief(s) are I say that if a treatment is effective, if it works, whether it cures all or just a handful of people then it is worth every possible effort to stop those who are suffering, for them and for their loved ones.

Please help get the knowledge of this optional alternative therapy out there to the masses so that they may make an informed choice and provide options for those who need it.

Dr Palmer's & Andy Porter's determination is, to say the least, infectious and I am more than happy to assist in any way I can to help their cause which is simply to help others...

If there is anyone at all you know that is in need and suffers from 'auditory hallucinations' please visit

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